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Your Best Salesperson
How to Survive the Credit Crunch!
17 September 2008

With all the doom and gloom shown on the news these days, companies going out of business, people being stranded and so forth, every business is feeling the purse strings tighten as we go through an undoubtably hard period.

However, there is a way to power through and help to support your business in these hard times.

How would you like to have a salesperson, who was the best salesperson money could buy? One who never forgot to tell your customers about the special offers this month, one who offered alternatives or items relating to the ones already selected, one who knew everything about your company?

Now how would you like that person to never get sick? Never need a holiday? Always work bank holidays and Christmas at no extra charge? In fact, how about this salesperson never needed sleep? They were happy working 365 days a year, 24 hours a day?

If you had that salesperson, how much do you think they could benefit your business? Help you to earn money while you are sleeping, and help your business through these hard times.

At this point you have probably figured out we're talking about your website. In the current climate, it is more important than ever for you to get your best saleperson working hard for you! People are spending less money, and using the internet to find the best deals. If you are not on the internet, they will not find you!
Your Best Salesperson
17 September 2008
Happy New Year 2008!
02 January 2008
Merry Christmas!!
01 December 2007
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02 November 2007
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06 October 2007
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05 January 2007
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04 January 2007
Happy New Year!
02 January 2007
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20 December 2006
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01 December 2006

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